China high quality Metal Pinion Gear Rack for Automatic Sliding Gate with Best Sales

Merchandise Description

The #forty five steel/steel equipment rack is soldered and mounted on the down elements of sliding gate, just 1.5mm above the motor output wheel. The gear of motor will mesh and tooth with the equipment rack. When the gate motor is activated to rotate, the equipment transmission will make the gate slide on the track.

Every single steel equipment rack will be zinc plated and make positive weather conditions proof.

Steel Equipment Rack Dimensions For Slding gate opener:

one thousand*12*30mm

Zinc plated
Module four

Size 12x30x1005
Module M4
Gears 80
Equipment depth .9mm
Equipment width 12.56mm
Material A3 Metal
Bodyweight two.55kg

Set up:
The equipment rack mounted spot need to be 1.5mm over the gear wheel of gate motor.

Find the equipment rack horizontally and firmly, solder the bolts on the gate.

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China high quality Metal Pinion Gear Rack for Automatic Sliding Gate     with Best Sales