China manufacturer Plastic POM Molding Gear for Air Conditioner Accessory near me manufacturer

Merchandise Description

one. CZPT Design and Producing by ourselves.
2. Shipping and delivery on time
3. Top quality program in area
four. OEM and ODM provider offered.
five. Some Q and A as under.

 Customer’s Question  Our Reply
What is the part substance that you can perform with? Plastic injection quality, PVC, Abdominal muscles, Laptop, PP, POM, PA, PBT with GF or not.
Who types the molds? Molds design in property.
What programs they know?  normally UG.
How a lot of molds can they layout at the same time?  Normally, twenty molds for each month
Can you throughout the manufacturing procedure make the modification of the existing mold and commence the manufacturing again?   Yes, we can modify the molds if the modification is realistic
Have you microwelding for the modification of molds?  Yes, if required, we will use welding for mould modification, or make a new insert.
Of what supplies do you make the main elements of the molds? What is the rigidity?  For the mould main, we use H13, P20, 718, 8402, 8407 and so on, hardness about 52HRC.
Do you make industrial molds, what supplies do you use, what is the rigidity, what is the cost?  Yes, we can make industrial molds per customer’s requests, the cost is case by case.
What time do you want for the planning and producing of 1 mould?  Normally 35-sixty times for a new mildew, relies upon on the mold measurement and component geometry.
Who makes the molds?  We make the molds.
Explain the framework of the generation, how a lot of molds can they make concurrently?  Normally, build 15-20 new molds for every month  
What gear have they, how a lot of units?  from 18 ton- 2000Ton
How numerous work spots are there in the store?  We have 4 constructing for the workshop about 6,600 square meters.
Who can make the plastic elements?  We make the plastic components.
Can you make little batches of experimental elements in the quantity to a thousand pcs?  Yes, we can make tiny batch, like 1,000pcs.
Can you work with Chinese molds, manufactured at yet another organization? one.       Need to see if the mildew by other Chinese business is in very good problem.                        2. Will charge value if we need to mend the instrument.  
Can you make prototypes of plastic components in accordance to our drawings 3D Strong by indicates of the adhering to systems:    CNC  of Personal computer organic and clear, CNC  of Pc all-natural with portray,    CNC of Abdominal muscles Of course, we can do. 2 they’re prototypes for each Personal computer and aluminum
What is the precision at the producing by implies of CNC technological innovation?  By CNC to make prototypes, regular precision is +/-.10mm
Do you polish the clear components?  For transparent prototypes, we do polish or utilize texture. For creation of transparent components, we make it by injection molding right.
SLA. What is the precision, what is the materials?  The SLA we discuss is 3d printing, use light-weight-delicate resin, created in China, precision is +/-.10mm.
Can you make prototypes in silicone molds?   We can make prototypes in silicone molds
 Mould Lifestyle  100K- to 150K shots
 Packing material   Wooden box
 Hot Runner  HASCO, DME etc.

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China manufacturer Plastic POM Molding Gear for Air Conditioner Accessory     near me manufacturer