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Total use has been created of all types of sophisticated tactics and technology to attain excelsior production. we offer you 1-end resolution for the acquire of mechanical power transmission items in China. With EPG brand name registered in more than 70 nations like America , Europe , Japan and so on, it has associates between planet prime enterprises, this sort of as JOHNDEERE, NEW HOLLAND, CLAAS, HONDA, KUBOTA, YANMAR, and so on. Comprehensive requirements for the model: 191.50.5600.990.41.1502 Rolling EPTT,Ball EPTTs,Turntable,Turntable EPTT,EPT EPTT,distributor,excavator part,EPT

one. Variety: Triple row cylinderical roller bearing, slewing bearing
2. Bore diameter: 5335mm
3. Outdoors diameter: 6019.2mm
four. Height: 268mm
five. EPT: 42CrMo, 50Mn
six. EPT: P0. P6. P5.
7. Cage/retainer: Nylon or EPT
eight. EPT sort: External EPT
9. N. W. 9448kgs

one. Introduction of EPT triple row roller slewing bearings
EPT is a specialist manufacturer in slewing ring bearings given that 1993. We can also design and make other stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd and non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd ball bearings, roller bearings and precision bearings as per customer’s different specialized requirements.
EPT bearing is also known as slewing ring, slewing ring bearing, turntable bearing, and rotary bearing.
Three row roller slewing ring bearing has 3 seat-rings, which separate the upper, reduce and radial raceway, by way of which the load of every row of the rollers may possibly be specified. As a result it can carry distinct load EPTTltaneously and its load potential is the greatest a single of the 4 kinds

2. Framework:
Triple row roller slewing bearing has 3 various kinds:
Triple row roller slewing bearing with no EPT
Triple row roller slewing bearing with external EPT
Triple row roller slewing bearing with inside EPT

three. Functions
Triple row roller slewing ring bearings have subsequent functions:
Larger aXiHu (West EPT) and radial dimension, compact construction

four. Application
Triple row roller slewing rings are extensively utilised in large-duty EPTTs which demand huge operating radius, this sort of as bucket-wheel excavators, wheeled cranes, ship cranes, ladle turret, automobile cranes and so forth.

1. EPTT top quality and price tag
2. Little orEPTTaccepted
3. ISO accredited company
4. Variorum types
5. Comprehensive stock available
6. OEM accepted

EPTT Particulars:
one. EPTT surface is covered with the anti-rust oil first And then wrapped with the plastic movie
two. And then packed with Kraft paper and specialist belts
3. At previous, with wood box absolutely at the outer EPTT to invoid the rust or the moist
4. We can rely on the consumers need to be packed

191.20.1250.990.forty one.1502 191.20.1400.990.41.1502 191.twenty.1600.990.41.1502
191.20.1800.990.forty one.1502 191.20.2000.990.41.1502 191.twenty five.1800.990.forty one.1502
191.twenty five.2000.990.41.1502 191.25.2240.990.41.1502 191.25.2500.990.forty one.1502
191.twenty five.2800.990.forty one.1502 191.32.2240.990.41.1502 191.32.2500.990.forty one.1502
191.32.2800.990.41.1502 191.32.3150.990.41.1502 191.32.3550.990.forty one.1502
191.32.4000.990.41.1502 191.forty.2800.990.forty one.1502 191.40.3150.990.forty one.1502
191.forty.3550.990.forty one.1502 191.forty.4000.990.41.1502 191.forty.4500.990.forty one.1502
191.fifty.3150.990.41.1502 191.50.3550.990.forty one.1502 191.fifty.4000.990.forty one.1502
191.fifty.4500.990.forty one.1502 191.fifty.5000.990.forty one.1502 191.50.5600.990.forty one.1502
192.20.1250.990.forty one.1502 192.twenty.1400.990.forty one.1502 192.20.1600.990.41.1502
192.20.1800.990.41.1502 192.twenty.2000.990.41.1502 192.twenty five.1800.990.41.1502
192.twenty five.2000.990.41.1502 192.25.2240.990.forty one.1502 192.twenty five.2500.990.41.1502
192.twenty five.2800.990.41.1502 192.32.2240.990.forty one.1502 192.32.2500.990.41.1502
192.32.2800.990.41.1502 192.32.3150.990.forty one.1502 192.32.3550.990.forty one.1502
192.32.4000.990.41.1502 192.40.2800.990.forty one.1502 192.forty.3150.990.forty one.1502
192.forty.3550.990.forty one.1502 192.forty.4000.990.forty one.1502 192.forty.4500.990.forty one.1502
192.50.3150.990.forty one.1502 192.50.3550.990.forty one.1502 192.50.4000.990.41.1502
192.fifty.4500.990.forty one.1502 192.fifty.5000.990.41.1502 192.fifty.5600.990.41.1502
192.50.6300. 990.41.1502

230.twenty.0400.013 (Kind 21/520.) 230.20.0400.503 (Sort 21/520.) 230.21.571.013 (Kind 21/520.) 280.thirty.0900.013 (Sort 110/1100.) 280.thirty.0975.013 (Kind a hundred and ten/1100.)
230.twenty.0500.013 (Kind 21/650.) 230.twenty.0500.503 (Variety 21/650.) 230.21.571.013 (Variety 21/650.) 280.30.1000.013 (Variety one hundred ten/1200.) 280.30.1075.013 (Sort one hundred ten/1200.)
230.20.0600.013 (Variety 21/750.) 230.20.0600.503 (Type 21/750.) 230.21.0675.013 (Sort 21/750.) 280.30.1100.013 (Variety a hundred and ten/1300.) 280.30.1175.013 (Variety 110/1300.)
230.twenty.0700.013 (Kind 21/850.) 230.twenty.0700.503 (Sort 21/850.) 230.21.571.013 (Type 21/850.) 280.30.1200.013 (Type a hundred and ten/1400.) 280.thirty.1275.013 (Kind a hundred and ten/1400.)
230.twenty.0800.013 (Type 21/950.) 230.twenty.0800.503 (Type 21/950.) 230.21.0875.013 (Type 21/950.) 280.30.1300.013 (Sort a hundred and ten/1500.) 280.30.1375.013 (Sort 110/1500.)
230.twenty.0900.013 (Sort 21/1050.) 230.twenty.0900.503 (Sort 21/1050.) 230.21.0975.013 (Type 21/1050.) 280.30.1400.013 (Sort one hundred ten/1600.) 280.30.1475.013 (Variety 110/1600.) thousand.013 (Kind 21/1200.) thousand.503 (Type 21/1200.) 230.21.1075.013 (Kind 21/1200.)
EPTT with external EPT
231.twenty.0400.013 (Type 21/ 231.twenty.0400.503 (Variety 21/ 231.21.571.013 (Sort 21/520.1) 281.30.0900.013 (Type 110/1100.1) 281.thirty.0975.013 (Type one hundred ten/1100.1)
231.20.0500.013 (Type 21/650.1) 231.20.0500.503 (Type 21/ 231.21.571.013 (Kind 21/650.1) 281.30.1000.013 (Type a hundred and ten/ 281.30.1075.013 (Variety 110/
231.20.0600.013 (Variety 21/ 231.20.0600.503 (Kind 21/750.1) 231.21.0675.013 (Type 21/ 281.30.1100.013 (Sort 110/ 281.30.1175.013 (Variety 110/1300.1)
231.20.0700.013 (Kind 21/ 231.twenty.0700.503 (Kind 21/ 231.21.571.013 (Type 21/850.1) 281.thirty.1200.013 (Kind one hundred ten/ 281.30.1275.013 (Type a hundred and ten/1400.1)
231.20.0800.013 (Variety 21/ 231.twenty.0800.503 (Sort 21/950.1) 231.21.0875.013 (Type 21/950.1) 281.30.1300.013 (Type one hundred ten/1500.1) 281.30.1375.013 (Type 110/
231.twenty.0900.013 (Kind 21/ 231.20.0900.503 (Kind 21/1050.1) 231.21.0975.013 (Kind 21/ 281.thirty.1400.013 (Type a hundred and ten/ 281.thirty.1475.013 (Type one hundred ten/ thousand.013 (Type 21/ thousand.503 (Kind 21/ 231.21.1075.013 (Kind 21/
EPTT with inner EPT
232.20.0400.013 (Sort 21/520.2) 232.twenty.0400.503 (Sort 21/520.two) 232.21.571.013 (Type 21/520.two) 282.30.0900.013 (Kind a hundred and ten/1100.2) 282.30.0975.013 (Kind a hundred and ten/1100.two)
232.20.0500.013 (Type 21/650.two) 232.20.0500.503 (Sort 21/650.2) 232.21.571.013 (Sort 21/650.two) 282.30.a thousand.013 (Sort one hundred ten/1200.two) 282.30.1075.013 (Variety 110/1200.2)
232.20.0600.013 (Variety 21/750.two) 232.20.0600.503 (Kind 21/750.two) 232.21.0675.013 (Sort 21/750.2) 282.30.1100.013 (Kind one hundred ten/1300.2) 282.thirty.1175.013 (Type one hundred ten/1300.two)
232.twenty.0700.013 (Type 21/850.two) 232.20.0700.503 (Type 21/850.2), 232.21.571.013 (Type 21/850.2) 282.thirty.1200.013 (Kind 110/1400.2) 282.30.1275.013 (Sort a hundred and ten/1400.2)
232.twenty.0800.013 (Type 21/950.2) 232.20.0800.503 (Variety 21/950.two) 232.21.0875.013 (Variety 21/950.two) 282.30.1300.013 (Sort one hundred ten/1500.two) 282.thirty.1375.013 (Type 110/1500.2)
232.20.0900.013 (Sort 21/1050.2) 232.twenty.0900.503 (Type 21/1050.2) 232.21.0975.013 (Sort 21/1050.two) 282.30.1400.013 (Sort one hundred ten/1600.2) 282.30.1475.013 (Kind a hundred and ten/1600.2)
232.20.1000.013 (Type 21/1200.two) thousand.503 (Type 21/1200.2) 232.21.1075.013 (Kind 21/1200.two)

  in Surat India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Triple Row Slewing Ring Bearing Rolling Bearing for Steel Plant  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Surat India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Triple Row Slewing Ring Bearing Rolling Bearing for Steel Plant  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler