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Solution Description

G3 sequence helical geared motor,
one. Two varieties of housing: Aluminum alloy and solid iron&semi Two sorts of frames: foot mounting and flange mounting. They are excellent-looking in physical appearance, appropriate for common mounting.
2. Helical equipment with the high-10sile alloy content helps make the development a lot more compact, housing smaller, efficiency higher, output torque bigger.
3.Hardened going through & nicely finished transmission gear has the benefits : seldom distortion, large precision,secure transmission, lower sounds, possible for continuous work under the dreadful circumstances.
four.With 6 specification for the diameter of output shaft: Ø18,Ø22,Ø28,Ø32,Ø40,Ø50.
five.Two or three-stage transmission, big in ratio selection, each solitary body measurement with fourteen ratios from 5:1 to 200:1.
6.Making use of large good quality bearing prolongs the use daily life.
7.High-functionality oil seal helps prevent the CZPT from leaki
ng again to the inner of motor.
8.A few-period motor blended the regular and full-enclosed aluminum motor, which is good in water-proof, easy in heat dissipation, higher in running efficiency.
nine.Modular blend extends the transmission ratio from i&equals5:1 to 1400:1.

Power kw Output shaft Ratio Main outline and dimension-mount
A F I J M O O1 P Q R S T U W X Y Y1
one 2
0.two 18 five&sol10&sol15&sol20&sol25 267 270 192.five 11 16.five a hundred and seventy four 10 thirty 145 35 18 twenty.5 129 6 161 eighty eighty one
22 thirty&sol40 50&sol60 eighty&sol100 293 296 197.5 eleven 19 185 4 12 40 148 47 22 24.5 129 6 171.5 89.five 83.5
28 one hundred&sol120 160&sol200 306 309.five 208.five 11 23.5 215 four fifteen 45 a hundred and seventy 50 28 31 129 eight 198.5 105.five 88

Power kw Output shaft Ratio Major outline and dimension-mount
A B C F I J L M N O O1 P Q R S S1 T T1 W W1 X Y Y1 Z
0.37 22 five&sol10&sol15&sol20&sol25 182 a hundred and ten 130 &num&num 11 19 five &num&num &num&num four twelve forty 148 forty seven 22 fourteen 24.5 sixteen.3 6 5 201 89.5 99 M8
28 thirty&sol40 50&sol60 80&sol100 198 a hundred and ten a hundred thirty &num&num eleven 24 5 &num&num &num&num 4 15 45 a hundred and seventy 50 28 fourteen 31 16.three eight 5 199 106 104 M8
32 100&sol120 a hundred and sixty&sol200 217 a hundred and ten one hundred thirty &num&num 13 29 five &num&num &num&num four 15 55 one hundred eighty sixty 32 14 35 sixteen.3 ten 5 234 126 109 M8

Ep Gear’s worm gears use proper-angle (90°) non-intersecting shafts to offer an successful resolution for energy transmission purposes requiring large reduction ratios in confined spaces. When correctly utilized, worm gears give the smoothest and quietest type of transmission. Because the effectiveness of a worm generate is dependent on the guide angle and the number of stars on the worm – because efficiency is often the goal, this ratio must be retained as reduced as possible. To perform effectively, the worm and worm equipment employed together should have the very same diameter, pitch and thread.
Protection PROVISIONS: Worm drives need to not be utilized as a locking mechanism to safe large objects, which may cause harm or harm throughout reverse motion. In non-perhaps harmful applications, self-locking is required to prevent reverse rotation, and then a lower-pitch solitary-threaded worm is employed to immediately lock the worm equipment to avert reverse rotation.

China Good quality G3 18mm Shaft Geared Motor     near me shop